Who is de lorenzo?

De lorenzo is a family-owned Australian hair care company that has a loyal following and a long and distinguished history. With a variety of today's must-have products, De Lorenzo products are packed with certified organic extracts, natural vegetable oils and vitamins. A pioneer in the Australian hairdressing industry, Lorenzo's story has managed to survive the world war, the Great Depression, retirement and death. Despite all these setbacks, the brand continues to live as a family business that continues to drive the industry forward with innovative developments.

Although De Lorenzo's business started 25 years ago, the brand's origins began 80 years ago in a barbershop in Coogee. De Lorenzo is an Australian-made, family-owned professional hair care company with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. De Lorenzo manufactures exclusive professional products for beauty salons that include styling products, daily shampoos and conditioners, scalp therapy ranges and specialty treatment products. All De Lorenzo products are listed cruelty-free and contain no animal-derived ingredients.

They do not contain petrochemicals and contain certified organic and biodegradable ingredients, vegetable extracts, fruits and vegetables, vitamins and natural vegetable oils.