Is de lorenzo shampoo good?

I can't say anything bad about that. It's easily the best blonde shampoo I've ever used and I'll buy it 100% again. If you want a good silver shampoo, this is the one. If you like results on natural hair, then you'll love how De Lorenzo copper keeps your red color in shape.

Acting as a color refresher without the chemicals of permanent and semi-permanent colors, it also moisturizes and detangles colored hair that dries out and becomes brittle after several washes. This is all due to the Australian-made organic plant ingredients carefully chosen as friendly to dyed hair. Learn more about plant extracts in the next section. Nobody likes to spill shampoo bottles, especially when they have some color, even when it's not permanent.

I dye my hair regularly, use products and dry and smooth every day, and this is a great shampoo and conditioner for hair that is under that stress. But you can enhance and revitalize any dull shade by washing your hair with a specialized color care shampoo. Most users often find the ideal volume, timing and frequency of their shampoo by getting used to the color saturation of the shampoo. With lorenzo Copper shampoo, you can rejuvenate red tones in the same way you can do the same with De lorenzo Silver shampoo.

The blue components, similar to those found in purple shampoo, help you achieve the desired shade, without compromising the original red you had in mind. Not for too thick hair, you'll need something stronger like De Lorenzo Allevi8 The Frizz. I won't buy this shampoo and conditioner again because I felt it was very expensive and the performance wasn't very good at all. It smells good and it's really good for my expensive hair, but I guess you're paying for the De Lorenzo brand, but I don't trust supermarket shampoos.

I probably wouldn't buy Shampoo & conditioner in the future, however, 'The Ends' product is a great buy. With De Lorenzo copper shampoo you can bring the beautiful bright copper red back into shape, regardless of whether you wear it naturally or if you do it in a hairdresser's. I haven't dyed my hair since before Christmas and I stopped using my copper shampoo a couple of days before this photo was taken, so 100% I don't look so good anymore, a dog may want. With De Lorenzo Copper shampoo you can reduce unwanted discoloration and provide your hair with the organic, cruelty-free hair care it needs.

This is probably a great shampoo for most, however, for me, this range has caused my hair to produce too much oil, it didn't react well. The sturdy bottle of De Lorenzo Copper shampoo is durable and compact enough to provide a safe trip without compromising packing space.