How do you use purple shampoo step by step?

If you're not sure if purple shampoo is right for you, you have another option to keep your hair color fresh, beautiful and free of unwanted coppery tones. Check out our online hair products, in particular our revolutionary Color Care system, which makes hair color last 2 times longer for anyone with blond or light hair, regardless of whether the color is natural or comes from a beauty salon. Beau Kelly, a colourist from Los Angeles, says purple shampoo is an important home treatment after highlighting hair. With that in mind, keep reading to learn how to use purple shampoo through the three main mistakes you should avoid when using the color-correcting hair product.

Purple toning shampoo is an easy addition to your blonde hair care routine to help brighten your tone and help refresh your hair color. To provide extra moisture to your hair, a good tip is to try incorporating a hair moisturizer into your hair care routine after using purple shampoo. Dark purple shampoo is normally made for platinum, gray or silver hair, and a brighter purple shade is better for a true blonde shade. If you take a look at the color wheel, which is a visual representation of colors that has shades organized by wavelength, you'll notice that purple is in front of yellow.

If you intend to use another shampoo in addition to the purple shampoo to clean your hair as usual, do so before using the blonde enhancer. Of course, the first step in using purple shampoo is to understand that the purpose of the shampoo is not to dye your hair purple, which is a common mistake. You can also find some useful tips that will help you become an expert in using purple shampoo for your blonde locks. If you find that the shampoo is still too strong, you can add more water to the product before applying it.

If you find that your hair seems to be too toned, then it's time to decrease how often you use purple shampoo. In fact, many people regularly use this color-safe shampoo to neutralize yellow tones that can sometimes appear on blond, bleached, gray or white hair.