How do you use de lorenzo shampoo?

The more porous your hair is due to lightening, the stronger your color results will be. We recommend starting with less and increasing slowly so that you can achieve the result you are looking for (it may take a few tries to get the color you want). Start 5 to 10 minutes working up to 20 minutes.

De Lorenzo

Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo — Beige Blonde is a shade from the Novafusion color care shampoo range.

The sturdy bottle of Lorenzo Copper's shampoo is durable and compact enough to provide a safe trip without compromising packing space. The De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour Care range works in synergy with your hair color, controlling and preventing color fading, optimizing color results and providing a brilliant shine. De Lorenzo's Rose Gold Color Care Shampoo is designed to dazzle by providing stunning rose gold tones to blonde hair. With De Lorenzo copper shampoo you can bring the beautiful bright copper red back into shape, regardless of whether you wear it naturally or if you do it in a hairdresser's.

If you like results on natural hair, then you'll love how De Lorenzo copper keeps your red color in shape. This creation from the De Lorenzo range gently enhances beautiful reflections, resulting in a color that remains balanced yet sublime. With De Lorenzo Copper shampoo, you can rejuvenate red tones in the same way you can do the same with De Lorenzo Silver shampoo. With De Lorenzo Copper shampoo you can reduce unwanted discoloration and provide your hair with the organic, cruelty-free hair care it needs.

Before you go to get your bottle of red magic De Lorenzo, it's good to check what the desired shade is.