Can i use blue shampoo on pink hair?

Extend your pink shade even further with a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner. As a purple shampoo with blue-violet pigments to reduce coppery tones and dullness, use a shampoo or conditioner with pink pigments in the same color as your hair to refresh color-enhanced hair. Every time you lighten your hair, it will come out yellow. You'll need a purple shampoo to remove the yellow and get your hair a cooler blond shade.

Unless, of course, you opt for a strawberry pink or a rose gold, then the coppery yellow color will add to your rose gold tone and will look very nice once the pink is on top. If you want a purple color, choose any purple tint and then use a purple toning shampoo to maintain that purple color. To maintain the color longer, you should use a pink shampoo from a brand like PUNKY COLOR, which has shampoo and conditioner lines to help maintain your pink color for longer. So, if what you want to do is keep your hair pink for longer, you know you need to use a pink toning shampoo.

As I said before, pink toning shampoo adds pigment to your hair every time you use it, and it's very easy to use. A purple shampoo should have some kind of complex that fights discoloration that neutralizes copper hair and enhances blond tones and, if applicable, pink. Save the day and avoid limescale residue with De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Absorb, a translucent dry shampoo that leaves no residue of white powder. Toning shampoos replace your normal shampoo, so if you wash your hair every day, you should use it every day.

Fight no more and keep your pink hair rosy for longer with just a little care and a little help with color care products and pink shampoos and conditioners. Nourish stressed hair with a purple conditioner for blondes or a blue conditioner for brunettes after shampooing. Blue shampoos are designed to counteract orange tones on brown hair, while purple shampoos are used to remove bronze on blond hair. If you don't see yourself reducing your shampoo usage for two or three days, use a shampoo designed to protect the color.